Too Many Great Pics of Tahiti!!

Hut at the waters edge in Tahiti

Too many great pics of Tahiti!!  What to do with them all?!?  Share them of course!  If you see one you like, enjoy!  All pics are sharable.

If you missed the companion article, Tahiti – Real World Lessons, click here.   It is a fun and reflective piece on our first experience in a remote place and how that affects us in planning for our adventures on Sea Odyssey.

For a better view, click on any pic and it will expand with an arrow to move to the next pic.  A much better experience, imo.

Dude, we have sooo many great pics of Tahiti!

How on earth are we going to handle

the pics of the world!!

You know what they say... Sharing is caring! ;o)


  1. Ken Winther says:

    I really enjoy following you on this adventure and hearing your thoughts. Bringing up not only the wonders of exploring and learning new things but the real life concerns for safely. This adventure is not the average walk in the park and I will be looking forward to each new update so I can feel a part of it.

    1. Emily says:

      Thank you for that… So stoked you are enjoying our crazy new adventure. We are beside ourselves with learning a whole new way of living. All the systems, water, electric, navigational, plumbing and the boat components, engines, rigging, sails, weather, customs, it just goes on and on. After all that, we are still all in and ready to go. Cause really it is all life, just a new way, but yes, with a bit of danger to keep it cool.

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