Boat Stuff n’Stuff

Boat Stuff n'Stuff

You might be like us, made a complete lifestyle change from land to sea.   If that is the case, we understand completely the questions you have about how to equip your boat.  What will you need?  What will you want?  

The not-so-great reality of shopping for boat life is it is in no way the same as shopping for land life.  The products you know and love are very hard to come by underway.  Everything is in a different language.  The materials are different making quality harder to discover. 

You might be thinking, I’ll just order it then.  If it is even possible to order, you’ll be waiting around while your Schengen clock ticks away.  There may be VAT or customs.  Remember your storage will be tight.  If you don’t like it you can’t just let it sit around and a lot of times you can’t return it.  Besides all of that… here to tell you, just getting to a store is difficult! 

So, what to do?

You research.  A wonderful thing about the sailing community is they are always there to help.  We understand the magnitude of each decision.  Look at other boater’s experiences and go from there.  Check out blogs, product reviews, youtube, etc.  There is tons of information out there.  That’s what we did.

Boat Stuff n’Stuff is our version to contribute to the cause.   A place to share our experiences regarding all things boat stuff.  What we think is hot and not, our favorite gadgets and gizmos, major projects and upgrades, what we would do differently, the stuff we stand behind, etc, including, of course, all the lessons we learned along the way.

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If you would like to know more about what it is all about, we have an enjoyable side article explaining the controversy, requirements, and benefits in the middle of this article. ⇒ here, called “here’s the deal”.

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