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sv Sea Odyssey

Boat Tour

Saba 50, Fountaine Pajot

Catamarans vs monohulls

When we were looking at boats, we knew we wanted a catamaran first.  We were willing to give up some sailing features for the overall positives of catamarans.  We are cruisers, we cruise.  Time and speed were not necessarily a huge factors for us. 

Normally when you speak of monohulls and catamarans together, typically it doesn’t end well.  These are two unwavering camps.  A catamaran was our decision for the following reasons but in no way undermines someone’s decision to go with a monohull.  Your life is your own.  No need to convince others…

With that being said…

Our thoughts on catamarans

This was going to be our home full time, so being comfortable was a priority.  Catamarans are sooo spacious.  There is plenty of space for the extras.  Catamarans have a wonderful walk-on feature instead of climbing down stairs to get to an inside living space.  With windows all around, the 360 view of our surroundings while inside is fantastic; plus, you can even drive the boat from inside.  Catamarans also sit on anchor so nicely.  I mean, waves are waves, but there is no teeter-tottering.  This is life changing.  We also like the idea of engine redundancy and having a shallow draft (how deep the boats sits in the water).

The Saba

After this decision was made, we started looking at catamarans.  We knew from the second we saw the Saba, it was perfect.  No boat has everything you want, but the Saba had everything we wanted juuuuuuust about.  We were looking hard at the Leopard.  Leopards have a bow entrance with sitting area that is really awesome.  But at the end of the day, we didn’t want to give up all the other great things about the Saba.  So that’s that.

The Saba continues

When we came up with the name, we wanted to go on an adventure… travel to different lands.  What better adventure than Homer’s The Odyssey?  We were even starting in the med!  We had no idea at the time but Homer is really celebrated throughout the mediterranean.  It’s been fun traveling along Odysseus’ path, his home, the cave he came upon the cyclops, etc.  Idk, it’s just fun, I guess.  We named our dinghy, Penelope, after Odysseus’ devoted wife… although, we usually wind up calling it ‘the car’, lol.  We call the octopus our lil’ Homie.  Idk, lol…

Why an un-boat-tour boat tour?

Anyhoo, we decided to do a boat tour video!  We thought it was going to be a piece of cake.  To the people who do boat tour videos as a living, high five!  You do an amazing job.  For us, not so much.  It turns out pointing at everything saying this is this and that is that is just boring.  Who knew?  

In light of our failed attempts as professional boat tour guides, we decided to change things up a bit.  We decided to do an un-boat-tour boat tour video.  We hit the relax and have fun button and do what we do best, which is just be us. 

So here is us welcoming you on to sv Sea Odyssey for a little looky loo, that’s all, a boat tour with some jazz hands, lol!  

This is our very first YouTube video, ahhh nervous and excited!!!  

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PS – If you are wondering what the ‘sv’ means in sv Sea Odyssey, it means ‘sailing vessel.’  

Sailing Vessel Sea Odyssey


OK, on with the show!

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Welcome aboard!!

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