BB – Two Months Before We Sail Away Forever

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UPDATED 9.20.2020

Two months to go. 

You know that saying, “Time flies when you are having fun?”  So true right?  You know when else time flies?  Any time.  Looking at your phone, watching movies, texting, talking, googling anything, fixing anything, working on anything, “getting ready”, at the bar, even sleeping, or worse, snoozing.  When you are focused, time just flies, period, no matter what.

And just like that, the great one-year mark became the OMG-two-months-left mark.  Where have the last 10 months gone!  We have been so busy busy!!  So, where are we now?

We did this post a little differently.  We separated everything into topics for ease of reading and authored it jointly.  The person in blue is the one speaking.  Click the tabs below on the topics that float your boat. *commence eye rolling…

Where our heads are at...

Where the boat is at...

Where the house is at...

Where our stuff is at...

Where the fun is at...

What has happened...

What will happen...

Then what happened?


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  1. Yay, you guys will have an amazing time. Can’t wait to see you out on the water when our paths cross at some point!

    1. Emily says:

      Totally! Crazy! what a trip… So excited and nervous, we don’t even know what to do with ourselves! Congrats on your new sweet ride! 😉 See you then!

  2. Andrea says:

    Best of luck with everything, it sounds like you are ready for whatever comes. As far as figuring things out in French, making an effort to speak in French – even a little – makes a big difference. The majority of the world outside of America teach their children English from elementary school, so trust me, they most likely do speak English and will be willing to help you if you attempt to be courteous in French first. I lived in Germany for 4 years and London for 2 and have traveled to 22 countries, and part of the fun is communicating when you don’t really speak the language. For Tylenol look for paracetamol, that’s the closest equivalent most places have, and most likely you will only be able to get it from the pharmacy (apothke in German, I’m blanking what it is in French) as they don’t really have over the counter medicines and things are very strictly controlled.
    Above all, while I have no doubt about the challenges, I think this will be the best and biggest adventure you will ever have, and I wish you both the very best. I look forward to following along!

    1. Emily says:

      Thanks Andrea! So cool of you to write a message! I love speaking French. I hope to really become fluent. That would be amazing. I totally agree with it is fun trying to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak the same language. Who doesn’t like charades!! Love it. Thanks for the Tylenol tip and the good vibes. Much appreciated! <3

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