Introducing “What’s in the Fridge?”

Wooden dish full of colorful vegetables


So why call this “What’s in the Fridge?”  We aren’t going around and taking pictures of stranger’s refrigerators are we?  Well, no.

(I really want to tho…  I’m serious.  I think that would be really fun.  Takers, lmk.)

The idea is this:  if it’s in your fridge, it’s real.  The choices you spend your time and money on is what’s for dinner. We just need to be more conscientious of what’s in the fridge, that’s all.

Our relationship with food

Sure food is most notable for sustaining life… my life, your life, our lives, but this constant relationship creates, idk, an expectation.  You start latching on to certain foods.

Maybe you ‘love’ certain foods. Maybe you constantly look for ‘easy’ foods. There may be an emotional component. Even your life experiences may start dictating what is on the menu, Taco Tuesday. You may associate beer and pizza with a great time with friends and mom’s meatloaf with a time of safety and comfort, for example. Then there are cravings. Think about all those foods you buy over and over that go to waste over and over. For whatever reason, foods become repetitive, the usual.

Heard of Pavlov’s Dog?  

It seems we associate certain foods with certain emotions or expectations.

Pretty scary actually… and I don’t like it. I want my relationship with food to be pure.  

So what can we do to break free from these associations?

Instead of react → create.

The lives of food

Each region is different.  Not just culturally but agriculturally as well.   We’ve all seen those weirdo fruits & vegetables in the grocery store and wondered witf is that?  Who eats that?  (I know I’m not the only one.)

Wonder no more, my friend, people do eat that.  It wasn’t ordered by mistake. It doesn’t sit on the shelf as a result of some strange circumstance. People buy it. It gets fixed in whomever’s recipe… and they love it and their family loves it.

The lesson here is, who am I to say anything is a weirdo.  Somebody loves that weirdo! It’s there for everybody, even you and me.

So, that’s the plan.  To enjoy the journey of foods. This means actively create a new experience to truly appreciate new foods as an opportunity to start something new and wonderful. No more giving in to conditioning. That was our old life of food. This is our new life of food.


Wouldn’t it be something to have friends or family over and everyone shared a new food.  Maybe a dish you’ve always wanted to try or maybe a weirdo sparked some curiosity. I mean it all can’t be bad, right?  I’m sure there will be winners and losers, but there always are anyway, so why not have fun with it?  Create a buzz, some excitement.  Spark some interest. Have fun and laugh.

Would be a great addition to a wine tasting gettogether.  Some bring wine and some bring food, just saying.

Most importantly ~ Memories will be made.

OMG – You could call it a WITF? party! It is no accident that what’s in the fridge is also what in the fuck. No accident at all.

Take a bite out of crime!

We need to change.  Not just change but continually change.

The weirdo sections of the grocery stores are just getting bigger and bigger as we move from region to region, folks.  We have to remind ourselves we chose a life of uncertainty and inconsistency and that requires us to stop living within the same comforts and behaviors.  We have to learn to take things as they come, especially food.  If we don’t, we will never experience the world to its fullest and that was the point, right?

The food for life

So we will start with the only consistency we have seen so far, the existence of grocery stores.  Just like any US market, the supply/demand tells you what the people want.  That will never change, lol.  Aisle after aisle of all the approved test subjects you could ever want.  From regional foods to regional interpretations of another region’s foods to, most importantly, all the weirdo ingredients for a happy and healthy life.

What’s in the fridge?

We have created this dedicated section to showcase all the interesting foods we find along the way. It’s a good way to keep the dream alive and maybe even create a buzz.

I keep coming back to the same phrase.

It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

Check out our very first weirdo here →   WITF? ~ Our very first weirdo   Spoiler alert ~ It was awesome!!

You know what they say... Sharing is caring! ;o)

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