WITF? ~ A Chirimoya, Our Very First Weirdo

Chirimoya in grocery store

Why is a chirimoya a weirdo?

If you’ve read “Introducing What’s in the Fridge?” then you know about the weirdos.  You know these weirdos have been ganging up on us and we had to do something.

Stop reacting to comfortable patterns and trained behaviors…

start creating an avenue of acceptance

and enjoy the journey of change.

A Chirimoya

In light of that promise, we’d like you all to meet our very first weirdo.  This was my pick.  Something quick and easy.  It looks harmless enough, right?

a chirimoya

The issue with trying something new is you don’t know what it is and you don’t know what to do with it.  So I did what I advised you all do when you meet a weirdo… I googled it.

Click here for some wiki details.  Basically, it is a Central American fruit, grown everywhere tropical now of course.  We found it in Gibraltar, not tropical

Anyhoo, not knowing how to prepare a chirimoya, we once again googled it.  We found this totally righteous dude giving a 2-minute video on how to eat a chirimoya.  Do check out this video, click here.  

cut chirimoya on a cutting board

We sliced it down the middle.  Not the prettiest fruit was our first impression.  Inside looked a bit bruised and battered with some smushy brown spots and a really terrible rotten-looking inner stem piece.  Now, for me, this was very unsettling.  Eyebrows were raised on high alert as I flicked off this really gross, in my opinion, inner stem thingy and Matt had to take the lead on the first bite.

As usual, Matt didn’t think anything of it at all.  He thinks nothing is rotten, like ever.  God forbid I should want to throw – I digress…

Turns out, I think, the brown spots are similar to a banana with brown spots, nothing major, and great care should be taken to avoid these bruises as you would with a banana.  Avoid over ripening as well.

chirimoya on a spoon

So what does it taste like?  Weird of course but absolutely delicious!!  It’s like a pineapple/banana custard.  It has some pear notes as well, especially in texture as you got closer to the skin.  Oh it melts in your mouth like some kind of delicious gourmet dessert that took hours to prepare.

Cool side note/affect: We actually eat these now, like for real!!  The new plan is working!  Because of doing this post, we actually purchased quite a few chirimoyas.  We weren’t sure about the brown spots, so we kept trying for a better picture.  We ate every one!  Yay!!

Inner stem thing removed, lol.

Go git you a chirimoya and grub it up!  Adios! 

(quote from the video, watch it!)

You know what they say... Sharing is caring! ;o)


  1. Paul says:

    Very cool… definitely will now have to try one…

    1. Emily says:

      How awesome! Definitely! Grub it up! ;o)

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