Hello world!

Sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge

photo cred:  Nicole Gracias

Hello world!

Just like that, in a moment of our lives, the wind of change was upon us.  From that moment on, Matt and I were willing to give up everything in the hopes of gaining, what we believe now, is everything.  We wanted to be free from the machine that drove us to repeat a process, day in and day out, just to maintain our lifestyle.  A lifestyle of rehearsed experiences and longing for the weekends or some other day to come.  We want to see the world, have adventures, meet the people of the world and taste their culture, but more meaningfully, live with a little uncertainty, appreciate our opportunity of life, and make our own days.

Maybe the reason people say “life is short” is because they waited too long to start it or, even sadder, they never started it at all.  So when they finally get around to thinking back at their life they’re like, “Wait! I never got to _____.”  Now their life has mostly gone by and they’re left thinking, “damn that was quick.”  Eighty years is a long time to live to be saying such a thing.  Realizing this, we no longer crave the comfort of security and possible longevity of life at the expense of a life of experience.

So this one nice evening, we sat around my cute little patio table having a beer, because all great ideas start with a beer, and tossed ideas around like anything was possible.  The sky was the limit… and it was.  It is too expensive to fly everywhere!  We can’t do that!  Ok, what else?!  We could live for a bit here and there?  What about citizenship, work visas, making the most of a buck, peso, euro, etc?  With just a suitcase?… hostels?… full time?  Too old to “ruff it.”  Things got complicated quickly.  

Then Matt said: 

What about sailing, sailing full time?


Now let’s make it happen.

Plan:  Learn to sail, sell everything, buy a boat and go.

This is obviously the KISS version of the plan.  The reality is every step we make from here on out will be to that end and there are an endless amount of things to do to prepare ourselves, endless.

This blog is dedicated to share our steps through this process of getting underway once and for all and our experience of life at sea.  Since we have come up with this ‘crazy’ idea, we found so many sailing blogs and youtube channels are already doing it!  They all have been so inspiring and helpful.  We hope to pay it forward.  Thanks everyone for putting yourself out there!!

So… hello world, catch our drift?

Care to share?


  1. Rob Clarke says:

    Hi Matt & Emily…congratulations on taking this big step and buying a Saba 50. My wife Kylie and I pick up our Saona next April in La Rochelle inspired by the same motivation you both have. Our kids are all adults now and we figured while we had our health, oppportunity and no grandkids – the time is right!
    Look forward to seeing you in the Med in 2019.
    Safe travels….
    Rob (SV Argonauts)

    1. Emily says:

      Hello there Rob and Kylie of sv Argonauts!! A huge step for us all it sounds. Awesome! Let us know how you progress. Thanks for reaching out… and see you in the Med! Whoop whoop <3

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