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We have two blogs atm, The Adventures of Sea Odyssey and The Ins & Outs of Getting Underway.

The Adventures of Sea Odyssey Blog

A blog of our adventures since we set sail on Sea Odyssey where we share informative articles, lessons learned, stories and reflections, and all the cool shit we see & do along the way.

The Ins & Outs of Getting Underway Blog

This is the blog where it all began… how we came up with the idea, sailing schools, boat shows, our first everything and of course, the decisions and lessons we learned along the way.


How to find what you are looking for

Ok… let’s start with the simplest way to find what you are looking for.

If you are looking for something specific, let’s say information on sailing school, the best way would be to use the Search Bar and type in ‘sailing school’.  Done.

It could be that maybe you’re not sure what you are looking for but you want something that interests you.

Let me introduce you to the Tag Cloud...

*** The size of the font gives you some indication of how many we have written on the subject. The bigger the font size, the more articles we have written and vice versa.

Click here for a description of each tag…


All things Turkey

You probably guessed this one. Everything having to do with Turkey, and the not gobble-gobble kind.

BB ~ Boater Bits

Boater Bits are mostly informational pieces. These will contain information or tips, trix, and takeaways relating to boating.


These are articles relating to the beginning of our journey of getting underway. You can just to go the Getting Underway Blog or go through Beginnings. Either way to get it from the start.


Highlighting the friends we actually sailed with. They can find themselves here.


We have a few articles on France relating to our times in France. We were there twice. Once to do a factory boat tour and meet our after-market outfitter, etc, and once when we picked up Sea Odyssey. There are lots of story telling, boater bits, and tips, trix and takeaways in those articles.


Galleries of photos.

Guest Stars

Our family and friends we wanted to highlight that were not necessarily crew. They can find themselves here.


The informative tag is informational but not too overwhelming. You’ll learn a little something here but won’t be too bogged down. A lot of the informative articles have some storytime moments mixed in there to keep it enjoyable.

Informative Links

These tags are used for well-researched articles. There will be in-depth information and links for reference or where to get more information to continue your research.


We use the Intro tag to mark a post as introducing a new section. For example, we used the Intro tag to mark the first article for WITF? and our YouTube channel. You could use this tag to see what we are doing and go from there.

Our Fav

Our favorite articles.


If you are looking to get some discounts, we tagged each place for quick reference.


These articles are a bit like Story Time, and sometimes paired with Story Time, but they will have a more heart felt component and will be more in depth of how we are feeling.

Sailing School

All the articles relating to sailing school.

Story Time

Story Time tags are mostly recaps of our adventure. Fun and easy to read.

WITF? ~ What’s in the fridge?

These are articles relating to specifically to food of the region we are in. More on this later…


This tag is used for articles relating to YouTube or referencing one of our videos.

Tags should be helpful

We use the tags for our blog in a more layered way. One tag can build on another tag. For example, tags are listed under the title of each post. If an article has Boater Bits and Informative tags, you can expect light information in the boating world. If the article has Boater Bits and Informative Links tags, you can expect to further your knowledge in the boating world. If an article has all three, it will be lightly informational with a little extra spice but only if you want to explore more. Now add to the same article, France, Promos, Story Time tags or something and you get how it layers.

Why we do it this way?

We do it this way because we have very different types of visitors. Some only want information, some only want to hear about the adventure or a region, and some want both… but not too much of this or that. We hope this helps you to better understand the articles and steers you in the right direction that is perfect for you.

But don’t worry. There are a couple of ways to get to the same thing, so however you go about it, you should land on what you are looking for.  If not, please let us know how we can make it easier.  We are not writing all these articles for them not to be helpful and fun.  And for that to happen, they need to be read, lol, so be sure to let us know how we can make a change if you have an idea.

Well, if you read this far, you’re probably a serious visitor. If you didn’t already, I would definitely recommend reading the descriptions of the tags listed above. It will be very helpful for you to understand how to navigate through the blog and get you to the articles that you personally find interesting.

You can read where it all began here ~ Hello world!

Thank you for reading!

Hope you enjoy our blog!!

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