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Hello!  The Adventures of Sea Odyssey began when we picked up our Sea Odyssey, a Saba 50 by Fountaine Pajot, in La Rochelle, France, on June 5, 2018.

Was it all worth it?  Are we meeting the people of the world?  Are we in fact living more meaningfully and appreciating our opportunity of life?  Do we like living a life of a little uncertainty?

We are about to find out.

(Spoiler Alert:  So far so good)

Our Sail Plan (subject to change 🤣)

We are still working are various boat projects.

It’s been really windy lately and getting super hot.  Lockdown is over so maybe we will able to hit beach or bike path.

COVID looking better after the lockdown.  Fingers crossed…

We have quite a few big jobs left on the docket.  We will do an upgrade/boat work video to tell all when all is done.  We are very happy so far.

Hopefully we will be on our way by May, June. A little late but it is what it is.

Our sailing plan, as sailors make them, is to sail the southern coast of Turkey.

Sea Odyssey is on the hard, meaning on land, to get some underwater stuff all fixed up.  Our spot is a very pretty one on the edge overlooking the water so we lucked out there.  Yay!

Our bottom work is going slow but going.

Matt and I are working on our south east Turkey videos. Coming soon!

Keep washing those hands and wear your mask ✌️ & 💝

In case you missed it…

Here is our latest video

Sailing Youtube Emily Sticking out tongue

TUR #9

Sailing From Finike to Adrasan to Antalya, Turkey

Catch our drift!

Drop us your contact info ✌️

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Our Latest Posts

We made a video about Finike, Turkey. Finike is what someone might call a small town. This inspired us to take a deeper look into what we think about a city.

What is a breakwater & why are they important? In this article, we are going to catch you up on some light nautical terms, talk about breakwaters, and discuss what we do behind the breakwater.

We are going home folks! It took us a while to come to the realization we needed to move forward, but we finally decided to go for it. We decided to return to Sea Odyssey despite COVID. Hopefully the resolution is on the way to protect our older generation and compromised individuals so everyone can get busy living again!

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