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The Adventures of Sea Odyssey began when we picked up our Sea Odyssey, a Saba 50 by Fountaine Pajot, in La Rochelle, France, on June 5, 2018.

Was it all worth it?  Are we meeting the people of the world?  Are we in fact living more meaningfully and appreciating our opportunity of life?  Do we like living a life of a little uncertainty?

We are about to find out.

Our Sail Plan (subject to change 🤣)

We made it!  We actually sailed our asses to Turkey!  Truly an accomplishment… 

Here we will stay for some time.  We have things to see, people to meet, and work to do.  

We are going to sail to Istanbul.  Like wow!  Sometime in April – May we will begin our fast track journey to Istanbul, where we will likely stay for about two months.  Then we will slowly trickle back down to Finike, Turkey, for the winter.  This is the plan anyway.  We’ll see…

Atm, coronavirus.  So we are isolating in a trailer and traveling the US.  We started off in the Mohave Desert, California, currently in the Zion Park, Utah area, and heading north to Wyoming possibly as it gets warmer.  Wishing everyone well and sending luv and hugs your way…

Got Talent?

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