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Every boater knows boat work is a regular part of boat life, so having a can-do attitude definitely pays off, literally.  Being self-reliant not only will make your adventure safer because you can take care of problems as they arise but also saves you tons of money.  Having said that, the right tools n’stuff for the job just makes life easier.

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This beast isn’t part of our Makita battery fleet but a Makita star nonetheless.  We felt we would get more power this way instead of batteries.  It’s a big boat.


Ours is 220, not 110 as the link shows, but the same thing.

This was such an amazing surprise.  Never in a million years did we think we would need a vacuum for a boat.  It was a throw it there type of thing.  Here to tell you, we do, and you do too!!  It’s a gem.  Every day, sometimes multiple times.  A broom just doesn’t cut it folks.

The fact that it integrates with our Makita fleet is some next level shit.  

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick~

Having a dual-port charger is very nice.  With this particular package, you are getting the 5.0 Ah, also very nice.  Much better than the 2.0 Ah batteries that usually come with a particular unit.  We are never without a battery ready to go.  

Tip ~ Do the math.  It seems it would be cheaper to get this kit with the yummy 5.0 Ah batteries and buy each unit without a battery.   

Great brand as you know.  Used this already for cutting pipe and cutting bolts.  Nice that we have tools in the same battery fleet, room to grow.

Battery operated, quick to grab, sturdy handheld tool.  Used this several times for smoothing sharp edges in metal and GRP so far.

Not sure what to say about a soldering kit but it does heat up fast.  Apparently, that is a thing.  We haven’t had too much experience with soldering to know this particular one was quick to heat.  

Having a power washer makes things so fast and efficient.  This is a great way to conserve water and still get the job done, especially on anchor when you are making your own water.   

Tip ~ You want just enough PSI to not break down your canvas and still get the job done, so don’t go too high.  

Cobalt, nice and strong.  Lifetime warranty.  We’ve tested the warranty, eheh-ehem, all good.  

Simple.  Automatically adjusts for perfectly stripped ends.  We use this for stripping, not crimping.  There are better ways for marine crimping.  

These were recommended to us by someone who knows.  After using them, they have a good reach.  Glad to have them.  It is an automotive crimper tho, so we use this for cutting.

Lightweight for a quick little zip-zip.  Comes with all the little parts and pieces.  Good for small spaces, which on a boat there are a lot of, and LED spotlight.  

Universal.  The adjustable part is what we like.  Makes it easy.  Our go-to.  German built.

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick ~

We had a digital one before but the battery made things unreliable.  We opted for the dial version and are happier for it.  

This one has no metal.  We have been through a couple of sprayers because of rust.  Two thumbs up!  

When the fuel quality isn’t there, Mr. Funnel is here to help.   Takes out water, dirt and debris.

Sometimes it’s the little things.  This model screws to adjust to the size of the bottle neck and has a sturdy handle to move it around.  Great for marina water delivery. Love it.

We want to highlight this as a top pick but we don’t have this particular brand.  Same thing tho. 

This and been so useful and convenient when changing your engine and sail drive oils, and, oddly, water in the engine bilges.  Gets out every last drop and no mess.

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick ~

This was a great purchase.  Makes for quicker work than the fish tape.  Don’t get us wrong, everything takes all day but these really made several jobs less painless.  Plus, we feel fish tape could cut other wires in snug places.  The fish tape curls too.  These rods work great.  

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick~


Below is a list of n’stuff.  Items we wanted to highlight in our tool box because we use them the most, are must-haves, or tools you might not have been thinking about.  We left out the endless obvious stuff, screwdrivers, sockets, n’such.   This is just the cool stuff.  

If you do want to use our affiliate link to help us out, please do & thank you so much, the tools in blue are specific brand recommendations directly linked with our Amazon affiliate link.  The tools in the standard black type are tools that are generic, where the best price is the name of the game,  so use the search bar provided for those to shop around as usual.  Just be sure to make your purchase within 24 hours.  That’s it!

We hope you find this helpful! 

Happy shopping!

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3M painters tape
3M masking tape
•  Scotch Super 33+
    electrical tape
•  Scotch heavy duty
    packaging tape
•  Rigging tape
•  Velcro tape 
•  Anti-slip traction 
    grip tape 6 inch 
    ~ our top pick ~  
•  Teflon tape
•  Sail patch repair tape
•  Gorilla tape

  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Wire butt connecters multi gauge set
  • Standard & maxi blade fuses
  • Wire heat shrink multi gauge set
  • Ferrule crimping tool with ferrules
  • Fish tape 75 ft
  • Meterk Wire Crimpers
  • Cable zip ties assorted
    our top pick
  • Stainless steel tie wire
  • Grommet set
  • Ball bungees
  • Stainless steel hose clamps 1/4 - 5 inch
  • Nitrate gloves
  • Microfiber towels
    our top pick
  • Headlight magnifying glasses
  • Multimeter (with DC even better)
  • Handleless rubber suction glass lifters
    our top pick
  • Magnetic claw grabber tool
    our top pick
  • Telescoping Mirror Rod
    our top pick
  • Telescoping Magnet Rod
    our top pick

•  Wax polyester thread

•  Whipping twine #4

•  Selma splicing fids

•  Sailmaker sewing palm

•  Sailmaker needles 

  • Ear plugs
    our top pick
  • 16-ton wire crimp
  • Hot rope cutter
    our top pick
  • Ceramic Knife
  • Sikaflex 291
    our top pick
    Sikaflex 291
  • Caulking gun
  • O ring assorted set
  • Tap and Die

•  Boeshield T9 corrosion


    ~ our top pick ~

•  Vaseline

•  Marine grease

•  Glycerine

•  Electrical contact spray

•  Silicone spray

    ~ our top pick ~

•  Tef-Gel

•  WD-40

Did we miss your top pick??

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