Sailing Stuff

sailing stuff at the helm on Sea Odyssey

Sailing Stuff

We are sailors, we sail.  Here are couple of choice items we love.  We left out the lines, foulies, hardware, sail ties, etc., but  please, eheh-ehem, feel free to shop on our affiliate link for any of those items tho, ehem, many thanks, lol.   

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In the end, the choice is yours.  We are just sharing our experience. 

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Coral reef friendly, nuff said, ok but also water-resistant and broad spectrum SPF 50. 

1.  Quiet. 

2.  Powerful.  Three speeds.

3.  Gimbal fan, 360.

4.  Adjustable angle.

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick~

A fun gadget.  We can tack the boat, which works well.   Boat monitoring and mapping.  It’s pretty cool.  


Not the brand we have but you need this.  Trust me.  Everyone needs this.  A total game changer.  We were constantly thinking boats were too close.  Now we know for sure our swing radius.  No more arguing.  The facts speak for themselves.    

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick~

The quality that lasts and lasts and lasts.  Brass grommets, embroidered stars, heavy-duty, everything you need to stay flying. 

The link is to their website so you can see for yourself.

Great to have your courtesy flags before you get there.  Running around a new town sucks.  These little sets are great.  Get all the neighboring countries also.  You’ll end up where you didn’t expect for sure.

Again, great to have your courtesy flags before you get there.  These little sets are great and this one has a quarantine flag also. 

We all have our favorites, don’t we.   Team Mantus.  Went the next size up and don’t regret it one bit.  Great anchor.  

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick~

Our secondary/aft anchor.  Lightweight so easy to deploy and bring up.  Only used this twice so far and so far so good.  

Innovative integrated swivel design and shackle. 

Tip ~ always do a freshwater wash down to wash salt and sometimes mud from inside the swivel.  

There is a bit of controversy with this chain hook and we get why.  The hook itself is amazing.  Done deal.  The rubber band is the issue.  I think we have figured out why some bands are tearing… blasting it thru the opening for the chain.  It gets hung up then at that opening.  It needs finessing through that opening and all is good.  It ain’t great, but it is what it is for now.

We have the model from Costco same maker.  Very durable and waterproof.  Would recommend getting this rechargeable one, better.  We use ours on every night sail to shine on the sails for trim and to work the lines.

Love this.  We don’t have this particular model but wish we did.  Ours is rechargeable but not with USB.  Still great tho.  Zapping instead of smacking keeps the walls, curtains n’such blood free.  It’s real. 

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick ~

Sturdy with pockets.  Be sure to also get a harness.  If you have ever sat down on a swing at a park, that is literally all this is, a board.  Some salties only use a board in fact, not us.  Get harnessed in.  Ours is Miguel Miranda, MIRA 16 from Spain, very happy with it.  Feels professional grade, perfect.

Hand bearing compass is a must-have obviously.  This particular model glows in the dark. 

Tip ~ What if I told you GTLS compasses are available.  Look into it… very cool.  Two thumbs up on ours.  That’s why this made it as one of our top picks.

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick~

Did we miss your top pick??

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