Safety & Security Stuff

epirb with evil eye for safety close up

Safety & Security Stuff

It can be dangerous out here.  After all, this is an adventure… and with every adventure comes a certain amount of danger.  So you can imagine safety and security are high priorities.  Having the right equipment gives us the peace of mind we need to keep going despite the dangers.  We have to have faith that when the time arises, we will be ready.  

With that said, below are essentially all top pics for us.  

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There is a reason these are called marriage savers.  100% truth.  So much time,  energy, and feelings is saved with headphones.  They are a must-have!! 

We chose this model in particular because they wrap around the bottom of your neck so they don’t fall off when you lean over.  That’s a big deal.  The person at the bow is always leaning over…

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick ~

A leading brand in EPIRBs.  For offshore sailing, it is a must-have, unfortunately.  Nobody wants to buy it but you have to.  Transmits in two frequencies, satellite and local.  Keep either with your ditch bag or in a place to just grab n’go.

Personal locator device that is great for when someone is alone on watch at night.  With each shift, just hand it to the next person, so you just have the one. $$$   

Great quality.  Easy to grab.  It is bright and reflective. 


A redundancy to regular flairs and other distress signals.  Super bright, 360 degree, 7 mile range, with strobe.

Super strength.  This tether has a 4 ft and a 6 ft tether.  Having the different lengths has been useful for us.  We have two 6 ft, also Kongs, but use these more.

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick~

For all overnight passages, we have our jacklines set up.  We are always tethered in.  These are reflective and have a glow in the dark latch adjustment cover.  The cover does come off, which isn’t great, but it is not really needed just cool to have.  Interesting idea to use glow in the dark indicators in some areas tho, hmmm. 

Literally, a last case scenario.   Obviously not a purchase for everyone.  

Tip ~ Someone told us one time to get a body bag.  If you are out to sea and someone does pass away, where will you keep them until you get somewhere… horrible thought but valid.

Matt has quite the collection of flashlights.  This flashlight is the flashlight we use the most. Why?  It isn’t the brightest tool in the shed but it stands up with a 90-degree angle, has a good grip, and is always charged. 

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick~

Personal locator beacon for lifejackets, pfds.  Signals the boat and makes a waypoint on the plotter.  

Our inflatable pfds.  Crotch strap sold separately… shame on them… and no mention of adding a crotch strap for safety either… shame on them.  

Be sure to have a crotch strap for all pfds.  Turns out, in a survival situation, a fatigued person could slip out from underneath if you don’t have one.  Must have.

This is part of our security system.  Very, very loud with a strobe light.

We are in the process of installing this, so more to come.  We want to be able to “honk our horn”.  This can also connect with Garmin for the fog horn and radio.  Matt mostly wants this to be able to “talk” to other boats that are too close.  Not thrilled, tbh.  

We are in the process of installing these, so more to come.  We want to light the helm and/or cockpit when light is absolutely needed, for example, an override.  These have a blue light option.

Good to have a ten-year lithium battery.  We check regularly as part of our regular maintenance.  

Tip ~ Put one in your engine room.  

We use this one more because it is 6w.  Use this on the dinghy for radio or when one is on the land and needs to be picked up.  

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick~


Below is a list of n’stuff.  These are extra items we wanted to be sure to highlight in our safety and security toolbox but aren’t linked to our Amazon affiliate link.  Either there is no specific brand preference so shop the best price or the brand we are using is not available on Amazon but we still wanted to share our thoughts.

If you do want to use our affiliate link to help us out, please do & thank you so much, please use the search bar provided to shop around as usual.  Just be sure to make your purchase within 24 hours.  That’s it!

We hope you find this helpful! 

Happy shopping!

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  • DNS Distress Signal Pack ~ Plastimo
  • Signal mirror
  • Solar blanket
  • Whistle
  • LED flashlights
  • Tubular radar flector
  • Echomax radar reflector
  • Wasp spray
  • Air horn
  • Baseball bat
  • Adventure Marine Medical Kit 2000
  • LPG detectors
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire blankets
  • Fiorentino 16 ft. para anchor
  • Fiorentino Large Shark Drogue
  • Lifesling 2
  • Looking at a dan bouy
  • Head Lamp White & Red
    Head Lamp White & Red
  • Mustang re-arm kit 'C'
  • Non skid grip tape
  • Viking RescYou Pro Offshore Liferaft, 8 person

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