Two months to go, where are we now?

Two months to go. Let us just tell you, time flies any time, not just when you are having fun. We thought 2 years & 9 months would take forever to come, and it may have, but we are too busy to even think about it. In this article, Matt & I share our thoughts and ideas on the decisions we made so far and what’s to come.

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A Week of Sailing Firsts Top Pics

Sunset at Dana Point, California

A gallery compilation of our amazing week of sailing firsts. Guest starring, Captain Chas, seasoned sailor and story teller, and Tim, the man who comes through at that perfect time, “Clutch.” If you see a pic you like, grab it! All images in this gallery and site wide are sharable. Be sure to read the article ~ A Week of Sailing Firsts. A great little story of our first 5-day sail, our first ocean sail, our first big seas, our first….you get the idea.

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