Maintenance & Detail Stuff

Cleaning & Maintenance products for Sea Odyssey

Maintenance & Detail Stuff

Regular maintenance and detailing of your boat from the beginning is crucial.  The best thing to do to keep things shiny and new is to stay on top of it.  Protect your gel coat with UV & wax protectants.  Freshwater wash downs.  Polish your steel.  Don’t let anything sit around. 


Resign to the fact that part of your life has now become some kind of Karate Kid nightmare.  Wipe on, wipe off, wipe on, wipe off… now the other hand…

Shurhold Products

You will see we have a gooood biiiit of Shurhold products.  The quality is there folks, fortunately or unfortunately $$$ depending on how you look at it.  Rubber rimmed brush heads & solid, thick wood with a screwed in pole is just the beginning.  Interchangeable heads.  Also, available in the med. We are huge fans.  We tried other brands, not the same.   

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Orbital polisher for applying an even coat of wax, no swirls or burning the gelcoat.  We have the 3200 for European voltage.  It’s a big boat…

At first we were thinking this was a dumb purchase, but we have found this particular bucket has come through where others could not.  The non-skid bottom is really grippy.  Covered inside space with optional grate on the bottom is unique.  Also makes a good step stool and a seat at times.  

Obviously this is not a need-to-have item but its sturdiness and all around usefulness at strange times made it on our top pick list. 

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick~

We have tried various cheaper models, Shurhold sucks for being expensive, but this one was the best.  We used it every morning for the dew.  Eventually the flaps came off one by one.  We feel this wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t twist wring it out.  Just squeeze it, don’t twist.  

Tip ~ ~ Their Soft and Thirsty Mop falls apart and leaves pieces around.  Not only is that messy but also leaves plastic in the water.   Thumbs down.

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick~

Great brush.  Only problem is it left red pieces around in the beginning, not good.  It made our top pick list because we haven’t found one we like as much.  The harder center really works.  Other brushes have not done so well.  

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick~

Just a 6-foot pole to use in our Shurhold fleet. 

We like the idea of changing the heads instead of having a bunch of poles.  

A must-have when you can’t reach the water with the 6 ft pole, lol.

Again, we like the idea of changing the heads instead of all the poles.  

This is a bit of a mixed bag.  The idea is the pdf is supposed to keep to float the pole if you drop it in the water.  Well, not when you have a big heavy head on the end.  It is great, however, to keep the pole from marking the gelcoat if you hit it, and it is better than nothing.  

Good extension for curving around the hulls from the deck.  

Typical deck brush.  Nothing really to say.  It does its job and fits into our fleet.  Rubber rimmed, great quality.

If we could do it again, we would get the bigger net.  We make do with the one we have so we don’t have to have two on the boat. 

Must have but not cool enough to be a top pick.  Don’t leave home without it.  

We have an extra pole with a boat hook that came with the boat.  It’s crap.   We have this one already tucked away for when the other one completely craps out.  

Good addition to the fleet.  We usually never take this off the 6 ft pole.  

Not a real big player in the fleet but since we got it, we got it.  We pull it out when we need it.  

So far we have found this works the best for regular clean up.  Great product.  We put some in a spray bottle and go from there.    

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick ~

This beast isn’t part of our Makita battery fleet but a Makita star nonetheless.  We felt we would get more power this way instead of batteries.  It’s a big boat.

Ours is 220, not 110 as the link shows, but the same thing.

Step 2 ~ Buff to a mirror shine finish.  Happy with the end product.

Step 1 ~ Cutting compound for scratches and surface oxidation.  We are happy with its performance. 

Having a power washer makes things so fast and efficient.  This is a great way to conserve water and still get the job done, especially on anchor when you are making your own water.   You don’t want your power washer to have too much power but enough for canvas.  


Maintenance & detail… n’stuff.  There’s always more.  Here are a few extra gems that we think are especially cool but not on Amazon.   

This stuff is beyond amazing and most definitely a top pick.  Shines and cleans everything.  Rust and tarnish, gone.    Naturally.   It’s almost scary.

We’ve tried everyone else’s go-to.  Let me tell you, once we tried this, we never looked back.  Expensive bugger but so worth every single penny.  

We linked to their website.  Maybe one day we will get a promo code to offer.  

Tip ~ get extra sponges.  They work better than regular sponges.

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick ~

Everybody needs a microfiber.  For windows especially.  These also make polishing steel a breeze.  We linked Amazon here because they offer the same brand we have and love, extra plush.  If you have a Costco near you, much cheaper there.  

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick ~
posh pegs

Little pieces of gold.  Google search these and get whatever brand.  No more clothespins ever again.  You are one and done with these.  No plastic to break.  No rusting spring.  Fits perfectly over liftlines like a fitted snap.  Tested up to 45 knots.  And they even float.  

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick ~
yellow tile sponge

Don’t forget these or shrug these off.  Super for bilges.  So absorbent and quick to wring out.  

Did we miss your top pick?

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