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Helpful Stuff

Everybody enjoys a helping hand.  And the sailing community is a great example of doing just that.  You can ride up into any anchorage and you are among friends.   Need help?  Done.

Here is some helpful stuff we found along the way.   We didn’t include everything wonderful thing in the world, Navionics comes to mind.  Just some ideas.  

Sea Odyssey Star
~ below are all top picks~

Navily is a community-based anchorage app.  By far the most useful app in the med.  Reviews and information left from actual visitors.  Where to go, what you will find, current conditions, etc.  Amazing stuff.  If that wasn’t enough, the Navily team is constantly adding new features that continue to be so incredibly helpful.  A must-must have app.

Link is to the website.  App is at your app store.

Weather forecasting gets a bad rap because they are not 100% accurate.  At the time I am writing this, we hit 41 knots, not predicted.  There is no guarantee but predict wind uses several models so you can compare their findings.  A small comfort but a comfort nonetheless.  It is best to move around several weather apps.  Predict Wind is always our first stop.

Also connected to Iridium Go, grib files, and great offshore route planning.  

Link to website, app at your app store.

Tip ~ Keep in mind different apps update their weather models at different times… 

Another weather app to know and love.

Same detail description as Predict Wind with the only exception being this is our second weather app stop.  

Link to the website, app at your app store

I use the green one.  Matt uses this one.  You decide, but the green one is better, lol. 

Link to website, app in your app store.

The green one.  Love the quick & easy interface.  It says Microsoft but is compatible with all mobile devices, iOS, etc.

Link to website, app in your app store.

Fun little app to get you in the mood to learn the language of the region. It does help.

Link to website, app in your app store.

Every sailor’s go-to message app, even businesses.  It is great because it offers voice-over IP, no distance charges.

Link to website, app in your app store.

Siren Marine is our security and boat monitoring app.  It allows us to keep an eye on the boat while onshore or half the world away.  Geofence alarms, satellite imagery, safety system monitoring, etc. 

Siren Marine is great for creating new features to improve the scope of their service.   Very happy.  Great customer service as well.  

Link to website, app in your app store.

A great bank for international travel.  ATM fees abroad are refunded, verified. Easy app access and transfer.  Continues to be a great experience.  

Link to website, app in your app store.

Imray books are worth their weight in gold, imo, and they are really heavy books!  Everything you could ever need from actual photos, numbers, directions on land, dangers, customs, history, you name it, digital or paper, with updates! 

We found these so important, but expensive, so we became a reseller to extend savings to everyone.  We offer 15% Imray and 10% off all Admiralty.  

We can’t vouch for Starlink as of yet but we are in line to see what it is all about.  To have wifi as worldwide sailors is a huge gamechanger.  We will see…

Great for satellite images on anchorages.  You can actually tell the sand from the rocks underwater.  So helpful, especially at night.

Link to website, app in your app store.

This is an app you download to your iPad or other device.  You are able to take over the helm chartplotter, make routes, do updates, etc.  It connects to the boat’s wifi. 

It is an ok app.  A bit glitchy and not very intuitive to route plan.  At this point, there is nothing else, soooo…. it is what it is.  

Link to website, app in your app store.


Below is a helpful section by region.  These are apps and information outlets we felt were particularly helpful where we were atm.  

We hope you find this helpful! 

All the best winds!

If you see a technical or link issue,  please let us know.

~ Turkey ~

This is a shopping website where you can get a lot of different things including food, much like Amazon.  The great thing about this particular website is you are able to use an international credit card to make purchases.  Most places require a bank transfer, so this is quite a find.  

Link to website, app in your app store.

An open VPN app.  This encrypts our data on shared wifi and allows us to jump on US servers for US access.

Link to website, app in your app store.

This app is only really helpful if you are involved with Setur Marina. 

You are able to make reservations, see your account records, radio & contact information, important numbers and specials.  A convenient app. 

Local land weather app.  Pretty damn accurate.  Not sure when we leave Finike but for now this is to the hour.  In the marina, it is a bit windier than stated.  This is to be expected.

Did we miss your top pick??

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