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If you are into documenting your adventure, and you definitely should, here is the equipment we are using and how we feel about each item.  

Parts & Pieces

It is important for you to check the compatibility between the pieces and components you select, especially as new versions are always coming out.  On the same note, not every part & piece is shown here to make everything work, like adapters and connectors, etc.  Just a heads up.

How this works

Sea Odyssey is linked to Amazon through affiliate links on this page.  By using these links, we get paid a little something by Amazon for advertising for them.  It’s not much but every little bit counts and is a great way to support our content at no extra cost to you. 

We have put together only the items we would ordinarily recommend.  We will not deliberately recommend something just for the money.  That isn’t what this is about.  We are trying to help you by passing on our user experience. 

In the end, the choice is yours.  We are just giving you ideas.  

What if I don’t want that size or color?

Once within Amazon through one of our links, you are able to move around as you normally would to shop.  If you want a different color, size, quantity, or a whole different item, no worries.  We will still get credit if you entered Amazon through one of our links for 24 hours.

Click the item name for more details…

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Thank you so much for your support!

Tried and true gem.  Everything we need and more.  The link gives you all the specs.

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick~

Not all bags are created equal.  When you need to really suit up, here you go.  A special compartment at the top for the camera for easy access and impact protection.  Solid, standup hard plastic base to set on wet surfaces.  Full frontal opening.  Customizable compartments.  Place for laptop & tripod.  Comfortable straps.  Safety flaps for zippers.  Love it.  10/10

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick~

The idea is to backup everything you have.  To lose something once is to vow that will never happen again.  Everyone has an opinion on the best method.  We prefer smaller separate drives to minimize the damage of storing in larger volumes.  These are water-resistant (IP55), rugged, and small. 

Tip ~ Be sure to get SSD.  Hopefully we can all agree on that. 

This may look weird but it is very useful.  Great for uneven surfaces, different heights, to wrap around things, and as a selfie stick-ish.  So durable and quick to use.

Always stand by Rode products.   Tried and true company.   

Tip ~ only works if it is turned on

If you are thinking about not buying a deadcat for your microphone, think again.  Whatever microphone you purchase, get a deadcat.  It just doesn’t work any other way in a breezy environment.  

Pretty much our go-to.  Both front and back screens.  Super stabilization.  Great picture.  Waterproof up to 36 feet, 11 meters.  Easy to use.  Love it.  

We would say it is a lot like a GoPro but better.  That is our opinion, nothing more.  

Tip ~ Would get extra batteries.

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick~

Just a sturdy selfie stick that converts to a tripod.  Very useful.  It is a definite for all Osmo Action.

The Osmo Pocket has fantastic image quality.  You have to keep steady while walking but doable.  Your editor will do the rest.  We like to use it with the selfie stick using the phone remotely and for scenic views most.  The screen is too small for scenarios that you would typically use your phone, like closeups or inside footage.

The Pocket 2 is out but we have the original.  If you use the 2, let us know you like it in the comments.

You can add your phone to the selfie stick to work the Osmo Pocket remotely, expansion kit not included, lol.  This allows you to not only operate your Osmo Pocket but also adjust the settings and watch your footage as you normally would on your phone’s big screen.  We love.  

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick~

A must-have if you want to turn the Osmo Pocket towards you on a selfie stick.  So basically this allows you to operate the Osmo through your phone.  Not only can you operate it but you can also see the image through your phone’s screen. This is a total game changer for this device.  

Great to charge on the go.  Also protects the Osmo in transit.  We use this all the time, like every time the Osmo it out.  Very convenient.  

A micro microphone to attach to the Osmo Pocket.  Another great Rode product.  It is what it is.  

Love this also, lol.  Great little mission maker.  Super light and underweight to get you within some flight restrictions.  Has really cool pre-programmed flight patterns.  It is susceptible to wind, as you might guess, but if you want a quick trip up, this is your guy.  Great images, of course.

We have the original Mini.  Here is the Mini 2.  If you have this, let us know how you like in the comments.  

Tip ~ keep all extra batteries charged and with you.  

Sea Odyssey Star
~ our top pick ~

Did we miss your top pick?

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